NLLUG 2010 - DEV02 - Advanced JavaScript - Fundament for Great XPage Apps (Update)

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NLLUG 2010

Zwei Tage sind einfach zu kurz.
Die NL Lotus User Group Conference Get Social 2010 in Amsterdam ist schon wieder vorbei.

Heute war mein zweiter Vortrag dran: "DEV02 - Advanced JavaScript - Fundament for Great XPage Apps". Hier ist die versprochene, deutlich längere Version der gezeigten Präsentation:

Update: Download-URL korrigiert.


NLLUG 2010 - DEV03 - Get up to Speed with OOP in LotusScript

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NLLUG 2010

Heute war der erste Tag der NL Lotus User Group Conference Get Social 2010 in Amsterdam. Die Keynote fand auf dem grünen Rasen von Ajax Amsterdam in der Amsterdam ArenA statt:
A picture named M2
Im Hintergrund sieht man Lampen, die eine komplette Hälfte des Fußballfelds künstlich beleuchten. Was für ein Aufwand für einen schönen Rasen.

Ich durfte heute meinen Vortrag "DEV03 - Get up to Speed with Object-Oriented Programming in LotusScript" halten. Hier sind die Präsentation und die Demo-Datenbank:


NLLUG 2010: Wir sind dabei!

Kategorien: NLLUG, Konferenzen, JavaScript, XPages, OOP, LotusScript

NLLUG 2010

Wir wurden eingeladen, auf der NL Lotus User Group (NLLUG) "Get Social 2010" Conference am 9. - 10.September 2010 in der Amsterdam ArenA zwei Vorträge zu halten:

DEV03 - Get up to Speed with Object-Oriented Programming in LotusScript
Speaker Thomas Bahn Date Th. 9 September
Language English (EN) Slot 16:15-17:00
Track DEV Room L4KP

Any objections against objects? Never visited classes about classes? Is abstraction still too abstract for you? Or don't you know how to use methodic methods and proper properties?

Then visit this introductory session about object-oriented programming (OOP) in LotusScript, where you will learn
  • why delegation might be better than inheritance,
  • why hiding information is can be helpful and
  • how polymorphism teaches new tricks to an old dog.
After his concise introduction to the concepts of OOP, Thomas Bahn shows you some useful real-world examples in LotusScript. Experience yourself how much easier your life can be with OOP.
If you are familiar with LotusScript, but don't know how to create your own classes, this session is for you!


DEV02 - Advanced JavaScript - Fundament for Great XPages Apps
Speaker Thomas Bahn Date Fr. 10 September
Language English (EN) Slot 14:00-14:45
Track DEV Room L4KP

Want to develop first class XPage applications? Come and learn to leverage JavaScript to its full potential.

Hear about:
  • core language features like 'loose typing', default and guard operators, first class functions, lambda and closures,
  • object-oriented, but class-less JavaScript with prototypal, parasitic and (pseudo-)classical inheritance,
  • dynamic objects with public, private and privileged members,
  • object literals, constructor functions and more ways to create objects.
Benefit from the strengths of JavaScript and avoid it's numerous pitfalls (like semicolon insertion, for..in, with and typeof). Discover useful and reliable patterns like power constructors. And find out why 'style' is so important in JavaScript.



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