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>>Ort:     Hamburg
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IBM ConnectED 2015

Last year I had the honor to give two sessions at Lotusphere IBM Connect. This year I have this honor again at the coming IBM ConnectED 2015.

BP108: Be open - Use WebServices and REST in XPages applications
Session date Tuesday, 2015-01-27
Session time 05:00 PM - 06:00 PM
Session location Swan Hotel, Toucan 1-2
Speaker Bernd Hort, assono GmbH

Lotus Domino always was a very integrative system. Today with XPages it is even simpler to connect to other systems. Join us in this session to find out how to use Web Services and / or RESTfull Service (REST) within XPages.

After giving some backgrounds both to Web Service and REST we start with consuming a Web Service from within the Browser using JavaScript. Than we look at how to do the same from the back end using Java.

REST can also be consumed from JavaScript (Browser) or Java (Backend). We show samples for both. Additionally we demonstrate the use of some of the Dojo widgets that can be used with REST.

At the end we deal with security and show how to use Web Services and REST with Basic Authentication.

CHALK405: XPages and Java: Share your Experience
Session date Wednesday, 2015-01-28
Session time 07:15 AM - 08:15 AM
Session location Dolphin Hotel, Dolphin Southern Hemisphere 2
Speaker Bernd Hort, assono GmbH

For the third year we would like to discuss with you using Java in XPages. Over the last few years we have been building a Java-based framework for XPages applications, therefore we have a lot of experiences to share. Share your experiences with us. If you are new to writing your own Java classes for XPages applications, then bring your questions!

Looking forward to see you at IBM Connected 2015.


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