ILUG 2008: Wir sind dabei!

>>Author:  Thomas Bahn
>>Ort:     Schwentinental
URL: https://www.assono.de/blog/d6plinks/ILUG2008-Well-be-there

Kategorien: ILUG, Konferenzen, OOP

ILUG 2008

Eben habe ich die Bestätigung erhalten, dass unser Vortrag angenommen worden ist. Wir freuen uns auf der ILUG 2008 mit der folgenden Session dabei zu sein:
Simply - OOP - Simply
Session abstract Do you have objections to objects? Haven't you visited classes about classes? Is abstraction still too abstract for you? Don't you use methodic methods and proper properties?
Then come to this introductory session about object-oriented programming (OOP) in LotusScript, where you can learn:
- why delegation might be better then inheritance,
- why hiding information can be helpful sometimes and
- how you can use polymorphism to teach old dogs new tricks.
Type Development
Speaker Thomas Bahn


#1 Great you got accepted. Looking forward to your session.
cu then.
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