My third article in THE VIEW

>>Author:  Thomas Bahn
>>Ort:     Raisdorf
URL: https://www.assono.de/blog/d6plinks/TheView-Ajax-3

Kategorien: Lotus Notes, Entwicklung, THE VIEW, AJAX, Web-Entwicklung

After a quite long pause, my third article will be published soon: in the January/February 2008 issue of THE VIEW:
Boost your Web users' productivity:
Three more advanced AJAX techniques you can apply to Domino Web applications

From the content:
Increase user productivity and free developer time with three advanced, practical AJAX-enabled features for Domino Web applications. Automatically log details of JavaScript errors to the Domino server; monitor a view for any new documents and keep browser users up-to-date; and create a dynamic form that browser users tailor for their immediate needs.

Here is the database with the demos mentioned in  the article:



#1 I randomly (setTimeout?) get errors when trying your demo-form (on localhost). Errors occured in IE7/FF2.

The error stems from getColumnByName returning undefined (which btw is unnecessary, as undefined is the "value" of any function-call not explicitly returning a value), and nesting of a call to that function in the doOnEachNewLogEntry function, inside startMonitoringJSLogEntries.

e.g. getColumnByName(logEntry, 'Timestamp').text['0'];

(Also, the about-document is "outdated")
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