IBM Connect 2016: REST Services in Domino - Key to modern Web Applications

>>Author:  Bernd Hort
>>Ort:     Orlando
URL: https://www.assono.de/blog/d6plinks/ibmconnect2016-ad1238

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IBM Connect 2016

As promised the slides and the sample database from my session at IBM Connect 2016 REST Services in Domino - Key to modern Web Applications.

Even if you didn't had the chance to make it to my session, with the slides and specially with the sample database you have a good starting point.



#1 Thanks for sharing! Those of us that could not go to Connect really appreciate it. Gravatar Image
#2 Nice one,

quick remark on the custom service bean (my personal favorite, shortly before the Wink service) Emoticon:

You can, as you pointed out, use the full class name in the bean specification. You also can use the name of a managed bean. This opens interesting options since the bean will live for the duration of its scope.

Specifying request has the same effect as specifying the class name, but session or application scope lives longer. This opens up the possibility to use caching for values that don't change much. I love the cache implementation of Google's Guava library.

Love the slides
Emoticon stw
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#3 thanks for sharing. interesting stuff! Gravatar Image

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