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assono PasswordSafe Pro

assono PasswordSafe Pro

Our Password Manager allows you to share confidential information within the team safely and securely.

Your Benefits

Central management

Central management of passwords and other confidential information, allows for quicker access, because it is all in one place.

Detailed user administration

Separate assignment of permissions for each entry to individuals or groups - no ‘all-or-nothing’ principle, unlike most other solutions offered.

Excellent encryption

Secret information and files are encrypted – not even the Administrator can access the classified information of another user.

Extensive change control

Changes are logged (Change Control), which is important for compliance with the German Federal Data Protection Act (Bundesdatenschutzgesetz).

Comfortable password passwordgernerator

It is possible to generate secure, easily memorable passwords - so that users no longer need to write them down.

Simple data distribution

with local replicas (a special form of database copies) – ensures that important data is always at hand and up to date, even if a server or server centre fails.
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Main Features

Simple management

With this Password Manager you can share confidential information within the team safely and securely. It gives you the ability to determine who will be able to view each individual entry. The password management application can run on multiple servers and be secured using your existing back up solution. Copies of information, for example on notebooks or on servers in other locations, are kept automatically up-to-date, and are even available when you are on the road, or when a location’s server fails.

Excellent security

Due to the usage of tried and tested encryption methods (optional on multiple levels) the data is completely safe from unauthorised access. Fiducia & GAD IT AG verified the credibility of the assono Password-Safe Pro by a security-critical examination and approved it for the usage at the agree workplace.

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Thomas Friedrichs, dodenhof:

“assono made us feel that we are in very good hands. The ongoing support of assono ensures us fast and uncomplicated reliable high-quality solutions for our IBM-Lotus-Notes and Domino surrounding. Thanks to the excellent work of assono we were able to minimize our running operational effort in IBM Lotus Notes and Domino and to reduce the usage of own capacities.”

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