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Intelligent chatbots – customized for your company

assono Chatbot

Modern chatbots with artificial intelligence increase customer satisfaction and reduce costs. Chatbots also support your employees efficiently in their work and free them from routine tasks. They’ll have more time for the things that really move your company forward.

of all customers already prefer to communicate via short messages instead of calling the customer service.
of everyday customer inquiries can already be answered by chatbots today.
of all customer conversations with companies are expected to be conducted with a chatbot by 2022.
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Advantages of using a chatbot

Great customer service 24x7x365​

Chatbots allow customers to contact you anytime, on any day of the year without waiting periods. They can get answers immediately, even if many requests should occur simultaneously.

More customers due to modern communication

Todays modern society is already used to communicate via messenger, which is why chatbots as a medium are gladly used by customers to communicate on a company’s website.

Improve customer satisfaction

By answering routine questions, a chatbot helps to free up time for employees, who then have more time for complex cases and individual customer solutions.

Increase revenues

Chatbots can inform your customers precisely about your offers and guide them directly to the most suitable product, so that your conversion rate and revenues can easily be increased.

Minimize costs

By taking care of day-to-day customer questions, a chatbot can help your company to avoid personal and cost-intensive extensions as well as reduce support costs.

Faster access to the most relevant information

Using a short dialog a chatbot can quickly find the right information for your employees out of large numbers of data, which then will be directly available to them.

Getting things done together

When different employees work together and need information that can only be found in various systems, a chatbot helps to find the context-related information quickly and inserts them into the dialog.

Accelerate processes

Depending on a given situation within a conversation, a chatbot suggests suitable actions as well as directly performs upon request, while your existing IT-systems are integrated and used.

More time for essential tasks

While a chatbot takes on answering routine questions, your employees have more time for essential tasks, that are important for the success of your company.
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Chatbots in detail

What are chatbots?

A chatbot is a medium for digital customer communication. Basically, a chatbot is a computer program that uses artificial intelligence. A chatbot is able to independently communicate with customers via short messages. Our chatbots use highly developed natural language processing (NLP) of IBM Watson and can be used in a variety of applications while being adapted to your individual needs.

Chatbots communicate with one or more person in real time and can participate in a written conversation with a number of people. Intelligent chatbots do understand wishes, problems, questions as well as the intention behind them and connect all this input together. They do a lot more than reacting to a few different keywords.

Depending on its intended purpose, a chatbot can search for information in data sets, find answers or suggest useful actions.

Customer service with chatbots

Using chatbots for customer services is especially helpful for companies, when your customers tend to ask similar questions or mainly have the same problems.

Intelligent chatbots increase customer satisfaction, since they can be reached 24x7 at any time and without waiting periods. They help customers to get the right answers to their questions or to solve their problems immediately.

In addition, the chatbot saves your employees valuable time in which they can take even more individual care of your customers and find even better solutions that really satisfy your customers.

Finding the right information with chatbots

To be able to work efficient, employees do need the right information at the right time. Especially in areas where lots of data (keyword big data) or unstructured information is given, a conventional search via keywords might not be sufficient.

Chatbots in combination with a software based on artificial intelligence, which does examine, understand and index the given information, can help your employees to get access to all the relevant information that is needed quickly.

Within a short conversation, that is characterized by demands of the chatbot, the chatbot does understand what is currently needed by the employees and finds out all the relevant information in a short period of time and provides this information directly to the employees.

Processing cases with chatsbots

Most companies do have processes, that start due to a certain incident (f.e. a problem, customer complaint, demand for an offer, etc.), which will be handled by various employees who are using different IT systems.

A chatbot can support and speed up this process by automatically providing the right information and suggesting context-related actions. Chatbots can also perform these actions on demand immediately, while your IT systems are being integrated and used.

assono Chatbot Startup

  • Analysis workshop
  • Implementation of frequently asked questions
  • Answers can be freely chosen
  • Suggestion of possible answers
  • Setup on your website
  • Adjustable user interface design
  • Ready to use after only two weeks
  • Understands texts in natural language
  • Additional purchase of inidividual features from other packages is subsequently possible.
Starting at 10.000 € Get consultation appointment

assono Chatbot Pro

  • All functions und services of the Chatbot Startup
  • Even more questions and answers
  • Advanced conversations
  • Chatbot training according to existing conversations

In addition, one of the following functions:

  1. Integration in other services (e.g. Facebook)
  2. Forwarding to human support
  3. Embedded sources of your data and integration of backend systems
  4. Conversations in another language
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assono Chatbot Premium

  • All functions and services of the Chatbot Pro
  • Constant updates of content
  • Constant evaluation of conversations
  • Integration in other services (f.e. Facebook)
  • Forwarding to human support
  • Embedded databases
  • Supports several different languages
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Thomas Friedrichs, dodenhof:

“assono made us feel that we are in very good hands. The ongoing support of assono ensures us fast and uncomplicated reliable high-quality solutions for our IBM-Lotus-Notes and Domino surrounding. Thanks to the excellent work of assono we were able to minimize our running operational effort in IBM Lotus Notes and Domino and to reduce the usage of own capacities.”

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