Engange 2019: assono with two lectures in Brussels.

by Katharina,
assono GmbH, Standort Kiel,

"Drive your dreams" - this is the motto of this year's Engange conference in Brussels in May 2019, which will take place in the buildings of Autoworld for three days. There will be two presentations by assono this year: On the one hand, Thomas Bahn, Managing Director of assono, will give a talk on image recognition with AI in workflow applications in Domino, while and on the other hand Bernd Hort, Expert Digital Business Consultant of assono, will give insights in his lecture on how and in what form an app can get on a smartphone these days. You will find more information about this years programme on their website: www.engage.ug

Session: Puzzle solved - or how to use an ai-annotated photo to initiate a workflow in Domino anywhere you are

Mighty tools we got from IBM and HCL, and even more are out there, freely available for us, to get, combine and reach goals, nobody even thought of some years ago. But how can we utilize them, bring them together, and exploit them to get more than the sum of the parts? See live how a photo shot in an app on a smartphone flows through Node-RED, gets analyzed and annotated by IBM Watson Visual Recognition, and using node-red-contrib-dominodb is stored in a Domino V10 database to initiate a workflow. Come to this session to experience a great example to learn, to understand and get inspired.

Session: How to get my app on mobile?

You have this cool idea for a new app, which everyone will love. But what is the best way to get it on mobile. Between the obvious choices of having a web app and native development on iOS and Android are some interesting options to discover. In this session we have a look at "PWA - Progressive Web Apps" and hybrid development using the "Ionic Framework". We take a web app built in Angular and make it a progressive web app. Then we take the same app and make an iOS app using Ionic. Join us for an interesting discussion about pros and cons and which one has the best cost-benefit ratio.

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