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ILUG 2010: We'll be there - Update

by Thomas,
assono GmbH, Standort Kiel,

ILUG 2010

We are pleased to present the following session sessions at ILUG 2010:

dojo and Notes
Speakers: Bernd Hort Track: Development
dojo is the JavaScript framework chosen by IBM to be used in XPages. This alone makes it worth a look. Beside this it is very powerful. To add "Drag&Drop" to your application is just three lines of code. Using a Date picker is just a HTML attribute added to the input element. And there are tons of other useful stuff. The best thing is that you can use it today in your standard Notes web development project. No need to wait for Lotus Domino 8.5. The sessions starts with an small introduction to dojo and then dives into the samples. Each sample shows another dojo technique.

Cryptography in Lotus Notes/Domino ? Pragmatic introduction for administrators
Speakers: Thomas Bahn Track: Admin and Infrastructure
Right from the start Notes/Domino is a secure system. But what is it that makes it so secure? The answer is: applied cryptography that is encryption and signatures! After a short introduction in modern cryptographic methods (without going to much into details), I'll show some of the many places, where cryptography is used in Lotus Notes/Domino to ensure that certain information is accessible only by the intended persons and to prove the integrity and authenticity of data, and how to use/configure this functionality, e. g. the user id file, the (cross) certification, the login process, password recovery, encrypted networking, encrypted emails, documents and fields, signed emails, SSL in the HTTP task, etc.

Event Technical article JavaScript Administration

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