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JAX 08: 20 Basic Concepts of Software Architecture

by Thomas,
assono GmbH, Standort Kiel,

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Markus Völter:
20 Grundkonzepte der Softwarearchitektur
(20 Basic Concepts of Software Architecture)


  • Atomic
  • Combinable
  • Technology Neutral
  • Describable Named
  • (Patterns, Laws, Principles)

Procedures, Classes, Components, Services, Users Stories

Private Members, Frameworks, Facade Pattern, Components, Layers/Rings/Levels, Packed Data Wrapper

Interfaces, Pre/Post Conditions, Protocol State Machines, Message Exchange Patterns, Published APIs

Aspect Orientation, Interceptors, Application Servers, Exception Handling

Scaling things up

(create minimal system frist, then use it to create the rest)
Languages, Compilers (e. g. gcc), IDEs

Standard Library
(small kernel, like Linux kernel, plus standard libraries)
Lisp (Grow a language), Autosar Sys Components, Microkernel OSs

Closures, Program As Data, Macros, Higher-Order Functions


Language, Contracts, Models, State Machines

Types & Instances
Programming Languages, (Hierarch.) Components, Models & Metamodels, RDBMS/XML Schemas

Currying, Inheritance, State Machines

UML, Lisp, Java, Ruby,

Go Meta
Translators, Reflection, Meta Programming, AOP

Compilers, Transformers, Generators, Macros (Lisp, Converge, Boo)

Business Process Engines, Data Driven Systems, (Dynamic) Languages

Build, Test, Translate

Dos and Dont's

Transactions, Locking/Synchronization, Resource Access

Limit Freedom
Software Architecture, DSL: expressiveness, MDSD: skeletons, Scade/SystemC

Declaration over Implementation
App Servers (EJB), Plugin RT (Eclipse), Models, Transactional Mamory

Don't Overspecify
Test semantics, not syntax (code gen), Higher Order Functions (map, foreach), Transactional Memory

Avoid Sideeffects
Functional Programming, Concurrency (Sharing), Distribution

Event Technical article JavaScript Java Other

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