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Lotus Knows IdeaJam is running... come and join, too!

by Thomas,
assono GmbH, Standort Kiel,

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Lotus Knows IdeaJam is running... After half of the time (not yet, but soon) there are 740 ideas, 11380 votes and 1520 comments, already!

I've voted for (or against) over 700 ideas and posted the following 28 ideas myself:

Lotus doesn't Know the language of SMB customers
Lotus Knows real work isn't centered on documents, but activities
Lotus Knows you need good information for good decisions
Lotus Knows sharing knowledge means to augment knowledge
Lotus Knows how to recover from a disaster the easy way (and fast!)
Lotus Knows how to get every single problem fixed
Lotus Knows world-wide updates deployment can be done in 5 clicks
Lotus Knows the value of custom applications
Lotus Knows how to get value out of ideas
Lotus Knows how Web applications should been build nowadays
Lotus Knows how to Reach your colleague
This campaign must be extended to Europe FAST!!!
Lotus Knows the many benefits of corporate blogs
Lotus Knows being off-line doesn't mean disconnected
Lotus Knows how to change properly
Lotus Knows approving requests should be done in two clicks
Lotus Knows how to connect the extranet to my business
Lotus Knows my duties for today (and remembers me)
Lotus Knows which water tap drips
Lotus Knows how to find for what you are searching - fast!
Lotus Knows how to serve applications - for decades
Lotus Knows you need your data where you are - for decades
Lotus Knows who will visit me today
Lotus Knows how to help company founders getting started
Lotus Knows how to boost my productivity
Lotus Knows when to withdraw from a contract
Lotus Knows all the history of the customer ringing
Lotus Knows the bonuses I earned

Come and join - and vote for ideas:

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