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SnTT: Add database from different servers to workspace (Update)

by Thomas,
assono GmbH, Standort Kiel,

showntell-w120.png Today I've attended a Jumpstart session by Andy Pedisich at the ADMIN2007 Europe conference.

Along a lot of other really useful stuff, tricks and best practices, he showed us a Excel sheet, he developed years ago, which he uses to add databases (with the same file name and path, like log.nsf) from a lot of servers to his workspace. Essentially,

Just create one new Toolbar button once (File - Preferences - Toolbar Preferences..., Customize, Choose a Toolbar to modify and in the Toolbar contents click New - Button..., ) with the following formula:

_names := @Subset(@MailDbName; 1) : "names.nsf";

_servers := @PickList(ustom _names; "Servers"; "Select servers"; "Select servers to add database from"; 3);

_db := @Prompt(kCancelEdit "Enter database"; "Enter the file name and path of the database to add."; "log.nsf");

n := 1;
n <= @Elements(_servers);
n := n + 1;
@Command(ddDatabase _servers: _db)

If there are more servers or address books to choose the Domino Directory from, you could replace the first line with:
_names := @Prompt(hooseDatabase "Choose Domino Directory"; "Choose the Domino Diretory to choose the servers from");

Or if there is only one Domino Directory and you have a current local replica, you could use something like the following line in place of the first line above:
_names := "" : "server-names.nsf";

The square brackets around AddDatabase (in the @Command) were missing. They were removed by the blog engine, because the text was formatted in blue?!?!? sad.gif
Thanks to Andy Pedisich for notifying me.

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