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dojo and Notes: new article series

by Bernd,
assono GmbH, Standort Hamburg,

A picture named M2 When I lately did my presentation from the EntwicklerCamp "dojo and Notes" internally, I got the idea to write a little series of articles about dojo and Notes. In the coming weeks I will introduce a dojo technique briefly with an example. All examples are a) available for download and b) could be used in Lotus Notes web applications prior to version 8.5.
I will use this blog entry to write a table of the contents. So it pays to bookmark this page.

dojo article 1 - Motivation and "Hello World" sample
dojo article 2 - Introduction to dojo
dojo article 3 - Use case "SpeedAgendaing" and the first step
dojo article 4 - SpeedAgendaing - Step 2: dojo.query - CSS3 queries
dojo article 5 - SpeedAgendaing - Step 3: dojo.fx - Animation
dojo article 6 - SpeedAgendaing - Step 4: dojo.fx.Toggler & dojo.behavior - Adding animation to events
dojo article 7 - SpeedAgendaing - Step 5: Enhancement of step 4
dojo article 8 - SpeedAgendaing - Step 6: dijit.Dialog - Modal dialog with AJAX functions
dojo article 9 - SpeedAgendaing - Step 7: Enhancement of step 6
dojo article 10 - SpeedAgendaing - Step 8: dojo.dnd.Source - Drag & Drop with three lines of JavaScript code
dojo article 11 - SpeedAgendaing - Step 9: Enhancement of step 8

Technical article IBM Domino JavaScript Development

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