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Engage 2019: Puzzle solved - or how to use an ai-annotated photo to initiate a workflow in Domino anywhere you are

by Thomas,
assono GmbH, Standort Kiel,

It has been almost two weeks now, since the Engage Conference 2019 took place in the AutoWorld in Brussels, which was quite an extraordinary event location.

With more than 400 participants, the Engage seems to be one of the biggest conferences of the "yellosphere" (a community that is focused on collaboration products of IBM) in Europe. The transition of the IBM software products in terms of HCL Digital Solutions has become more and more obvious throughout this event: All keynotes, that were focused somehow on the future were accompanied by a speaker of HCL, who was explaining future plans and discussing decisions.

So what´s waiting for us in the future? Certainly a lot more than during the last decade:

During all those keynotes about future plans and releases, a feeling of new beginnings was caused (which is called " A New Hope" by HCL).

In my opinion I believe, that , HCL will become be a big player on this market. The platform and software products seem to be perfectly usable and save to be used for highly integrated applications that have a focus on processes and co working. In addition, these products seem to be promising for software solutions that need to be developed in a short time but at the same time need to be running long-term. This all might be happening with JavaScript or Node-RED. In the end the future will show us how exactly this will work out.

Our Keynote at the Engage about AI-annotated photos and workflow in Domino

Session: Puzzle solved - or how to use an AI-annotated photo to initiate a workflow in Domino anywhere you are: Mighty tools we got from IBM and HCL, and even more are out there, freely available for us, to get, combine and reach goals, nobody even thought of some years ago. But how can we utilize them, bring them together, and exploit them to get more than the sum of the parts? In this session, I presented different ways on how a photo shot in an app on a smartphone can flow through Node-RED, get analyzed and annotated by IBM Watson Visual Recognition while using node-red-contrib-dominodb which is stored in a Domino V10 database to initiate a workflow.

Lots of new technologies, new options for users as well as for developers, new use cases and new programming languages ans APIs. And still - at the core it is a usual Domino application.

Thomas Bahn, CEO of assono

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Also, you find the presentation "Puzzle solved - or how to use an AI-annotated photo to initiate a workflow in Domino anywhere you are" for a download right here:

Presentation | Puzzle solved

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