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by Bernd,
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We all love Lotus Notes for its RAD flexibility. But sometimes Notes has a memory like an elephant. wink.gif

A customer had recently a problem with the full text search. Early in the project a field in one of the Notes forms had been defined as a number field. Later they changed the field type to text. No big deal until a user tried to make a full text search specially for this field. The following message came as quite a surprise.

Query is not understandable

The search string FIELD fieldname= "Value" was correct.

It took a little while before we found out the right measures and the correct order to fix this problem.

I had read in the forum that the indexer determines the type of each field on the basis of the first found document while creating a new full text index. So we corrected all the documents with the wrong data type. Then we deleted the full text index and rebuilded it. The error was still the same. sad.gif

After further research we have come to the conclusion that the UNK table might be the problem. UNK stands for "UNique Key Table" and refers to an internal table that in every Notes database / application holds up a list of all fields of the database. Compacting the database using a copy (option "-c") normally recreates that table. As we had to figure out the UNK table is not rebuilt, if a full text index exists. sad.gif

The following order has finally led to success.
1. Delete the full text index
2. On the console Load compact database path -c
3. Create the full text index again

After that the query worked as expected. smile.gif

The described procedure had to be repeated for each replica.

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