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Lotusphere 2008 Podcasts download helper (Update)

by Thomas,
assono GmbH, Standort Kiel,

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All Lotusphere 2008 attendees should have gotten notifications by now, that they can download the session recordings as mp3 files, in an email with subject "Accessing Lotusphere 2008 MP3s".

As Jim Knight stated in the second comment for Lotusphere MP3 site, screenshot. Bulk downloader possible? in the IdoNotes (and sleep) blog by Chris Miller, you must enter your password in UPPERCASE!

But downloading more than one or two of the podcasts can get quite time consuming, since it involves a lot of manual interactions (and many browser windows). sad.gif

In order to download all mp3 files, I've created an Excel sheet to create some download helper files, I want to share:
(12 Kb)

These are the necessary steps to use this file

  • Download the zip archive and extract the Excel sheet.
  • Find the "Accessing Lotusphere 2008 MP3s" email and log into the given URL with your account. Enter your password in UPPERCASE!
  • Click on any session and copy the session key (32 digit hexadecimal number between "key=" and "&eventuserid") from the URL into cell B3 of the Excel sheet.
    A picture named M2
  • Download all files using one of the following alternatives (see below). For some sessions there are no podcasts (yet).
  • Rename the downloaded files using one of the two alternatives (see further below)

    Download alternative 1: Download using HTML page and some download helper application (like FDM)
  • Copy the contents of cell range C7 - C141 into a text file and name it "Lotusphere 2008 Podcasts download helper.html"
  • Open this file in your favorite browser and download all links using your favorite download helper application.
    For example, with FDM you can press Crtl+F3 to download all files.

    Download alternative 2: Download using wget
  • Download wget, if you haven't already.  You can get the Windows binaries at; see for other platforms.
  • Unzip the archive into some new directory and put the file name and path of the wget executable into cell B4 of the Excel sheet. If the path contains any spaces, put the complete file path in double quotes.
  • Copy the contents of the cell range D8 - D140 into a new text file and name it "Lotusphere 2008 Podcasts wget download helper.cmd".
  • Execute this batch file and wait for the downloads.

    Renaming alternative 1: long names
    To rename the downloaded files to long names like "AD311 Object Oriented Programming with LotusScript - Take It To the Next Level.mp3":
  • Copy the contents of the cell range E8 - E140 into a new text file and name it "Downloaded podcasts renamer (long names).cmd".
  • Execute this batch file.

Renaming alternative 2: short names

To rename the downloaded files to short
names like "AD311.mp3":

  • Copy the contents of the cell range F8 - F140 into a new text file and name it "Downloaded podcasts renamer (short names).cmd".
  • Execute this batch file.

Thanks again to Stephan
for his Lotussphere
Presentation Batch Download


I have appended the Application Development
Keynote (internal session number 134), which is not correctly linked on
the website. Thanks, Lars

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