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Quick-Tip: Script library prevents execution of agent

by Thomas,
assono GmbH, Standort Kiel,

Quick-TippIBM Notes Today I solved a mysterious problem, a customer of mine had with an scheduled LotusScript agent: It just didn't ran!

It was executed by the agent manager, e.g. via tell amgr run "some-db.nsf" 'Test':
AMgr: Start executing agent 'Test' in 'some-db.nsf'
AMgr: Agent 'Test' in 'some-db.nsf' completed execution
But event a Print "TEST" as the first line of its Initialize sub didn't work - not to speak of its original "payload".

We checked everything (really), including, but not limited to server security, application properties ("don't execute backend agents"), ACL, agent properties, ...

Then I built another agent copying Use statements and other code - step by step - and tested and retested: it just worked as expected.

Finally I deleted the "corrupt" agent and renamed the new one - and it stoped working! Renamed to its original name - it worked - renamed to the name of the deleted agent - worked not.

I fired up the Domino Administrator and switched on the "God mode" (aka Full-access administration) and searched in the Designer for another "hidden" agent with the same name. Nope, nothing.

But I found a script library with the exact same name. Renamed it ... and ... the ... agent .. worked!!!

Lesson learned: Script libraries with the same name as an agent prevent the execution of this agent.

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