SnTT: IDs of Shared Actions visible and alterable

by Thomas,
assono GmbH, Standort Kiel,

I have just encountered a phenomenon in the Shared Actions view in a database:

A picture named M2

In this database an action to create New Shared Actions Notes exists and - even more interesting - an ID column!

A picture named M2
And its even getting better: You can alter the Action ID in the properties of a Shared Action!

Typically we use a kind of repository, a master template database, from which all application specific templates inherits common design elements. When you create a new template and copy some forms or views from other database, sometimes the Shared Actions in these design elements become "screwed up": Instead of "Edit" there is "Forward" etc. The cause is simple: the ID of the Shared Actions in both databases do not fit. But you cannot easily see or alter them...

But after I had seen, that there must be a "secret switch" to get the IDs visible and alterable, I have googled for some time and found .... nothing!
The field properties of the Shared Actions document were the same in this database and mine.
Even the database properties seemed to be nearly the samem, at least there was nothing, which should cause this difference.
But then I have found it: The other database was multilingual. Thus I made my database multilingual, too:

A picture named M3
And lo and behold! Instantly I could see the action and the ID column and could change the Action ID in the properties of the Shared Actions.

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