IBM Connect 2014

von Bernd,
assono GmbH, Standort Hamburg,

Wann und wo ? 26.01.2014 bis 30.01.2014 in Orlando

To have a session at Lotusphere IBM Connect is a great honor. At the coming IBM Connect 2014 we will have two sessions.

BP206: Be open Use WebServices and REST in XPages applications

Lotus Domino always was a very integrative system. Today with XPages it is even simpler to connect to other systems. Join us in this session to find out how to use Web Services and / or RESTfull Service (REST) within XPages.

After giving some backgrounds both to Web Service and REST we start with consuming a Web Service from within the Browser using JavaScript. Than we look at how to do the same from the back end using Java.

REST can also be consumed from JavaScript (Browser) or Java (Backend). We show samples for both. Additionally we demonstrate the use of some of the Dojo widgets that can be used with REST.

At the end we deal with security and show how to use Web Services and REST with Basic Authentication.

  • Datum: 29.01.2014, 10:00
  • Dauer: 1:00
  • Ort: Swan Hotel, Swan-SW 5–6
  • Referent: Bernd Hort, assono GmbH

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