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IBM Connect 2016

von Bernd,
assono GmbH, Standort Hamburg,

Wann und wo ? 31.01.2016 bis 3.02.2016 in Orlando

As in recent years I have the honor to give a sessions at Lotusphere IBM Connect.

REST Services in Domino - Key to modern Web Applications

Any modern Web Application, whether it is implemented in IBM BlueMix or using AngularJS, uses REST services. REST became the de facto standard for interaction between systems.

With the integration of XPages in Domino, there are a lot ways to provide REST services. It is time to take a closer look how we can provide REST services in Domino.

After laying the groundwork with a short introduction to REST, we will discuss how to use the IBM Domino Access Services.

Another way to utilize the REST Services which come with the Extension Library are Custom Rest Services.

Next we will introduce JAX-RS and show how to implement a custom written REST Service in Java.

Looking forward to see you at IBM Connect 2016.

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