IBM Lotus Notes Traveler 8.5.3 Upgrade Pack 1 erschienen mit Hochverfügbarkeits-Option

von Thomas Bahn,
assono GmbH, Standort Kiel,

Gestern hat IBM das Lotus Notes Traveler 8.5.3 Upgrade Pack 1 heraus gebracht.

Dies wesentlichste Neuerung ist die schon von einigen sehnlichst erwartete Hochverfügbarkeits-Option. Das bedeutet, dass die Benutzer ungestört weiter arbeiten können, selbst wenn ein Traveler-Server (aus einem Pool von mehreren) ungeplant ausfällt. Der Hochverfügbarkeits-Dienst kann dabei über eine neue web-basierte Oberfläche administriert werden.

Darüber hinaus gibt es gerade für die Android-Plattform viele Verbesserungen, wie eine Monatsansicht des Kalenders, bessere Ausnutzung des Platzes auf Tablet-Geräten, neue Sicherheitsrichtlinien usw.

Ankündigung der IBM:

Es gab zu dem Thema auch schon ein Web-Cast von Chris Miller, Gabriella Davis und Paul Mooney, dessen Aufzeichnung hier angesehen werden kann:

Ausschnitt aus der englischsprachigen Beschreibung in der IBM-Ankündigung:

IBM Lotus Notes Traveler helps power your social business by providing access to email, calendar, and contacts from your mobile device. With Lotus Notes Traveler, you can extend collaboration to your mobile employees and keep them connected with people and information from any location, and with broad support of mobile smartphones and tablets.

The addition of the high availability support ensures that the IBM Lotus Notes Traveler service is available and uninterrupted at all times for end users who have become highly dependent on access to their latest mail, calendar, and contact data from their mobile devices. You can now easily transform your existing or new Lotus Notes Traveler infrastructure into one that is highly available. This is done by

  • 1) establishing a pool of Lotus Notes Traveler servers to comprise the server group for failover actions,
  • 2) upgrading these servers to Lotus Notes Traveler 8.5.1 Upgrade Pack 1,
  • 3) including an IP sprayer to send data requests to the Lotus Notes Traveler server pool, and
  • 4) adding a relational database to be used by the Traveler server pool.

a result, you have a Lotus Notes Traveler environment that can be easily
deployed to end users while being load balanced and having automatic failover
if a server outage occurs.


Additional enhancements

  • Mail and calendar functions on the Android platform including the calendar month view and a new layout and split screen look for the mail user interface that is optimized for tablets.
  • Security enhancements for Android such as policies to enforce application level password and advanced attachment handling to prevent attachments from being detached to the file system on the device and making them accessible for read-only use.


IBM Lotus Notes Traveler 8.5.3 Upgrade
Pack 1 lets you establish a pool of servers to support a high availability
service. You can include a load balancer to send data requests to Lotus
Notes Traveler and a relational database to monitor the status of the servers
in the pool, so you have an environment that can be configured and load
balanced to intelligently failover to the best candidate server in the
pool if a server outage occurs.

You can decide on the number of servers
in the pool based on the number of users in your organization and the desired
level of server redundancy for managing failover conditions. For example,
a single Lotus Notes Traveler server plus a server to failover to would
be a minimum pool configuration that a company might utilize. As your needs
grow, you can easily scale up from there.

Along with the high availability service
comes a new web-based administration interface. Now all of the administrative
tasks can be carried out through this web-based interface that the administrators
can access. All of servers in the pool can be administered from this single
point. User roles with varying degrees of access rights can also be assigned
to the administrators and help desk personnel.

With this update, the Android users
get the addition of calendar month view, a new layout and look for the
mail user interface on the tablet, which displays the Inbox list and content
of selected mail in a single view, plus security enhancements that allow
administrators to prevent, by policy, the detachment of attachments (making
them read-only), copy and paste, and camera use on Android.

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