IdeaJam - eine großartige Idee

von Thomas Bahn,
assono GmbH, Standort Kiel,

Ich habe im gestrigen Eintrag kurz IdeaJam erwähnt. Und wenn man vom Teufel spricht... Heute habe ich eine E-Mail in meinem Posteingang, der die Idee dahinter und was IdeaJam kann, näher erläutert:

A picture named M2

IdeaJam is a place where people can post and share their ideas, and gauge the marketability, popularity and viability with input from others. When an idea gets posted, others can help promote or demote the idea and provide comments. Popular ideas will bubble to the top. Make your opinion count.

Greetings from the IdeaJam Team,

IdeaJam for the IBM Lotus Community launched in the Fall of 2007 and now contains over 1,160 Ideas, 41,000 votes and 3,940 comments on how to improve IBM Lotus software products. If you haven't visited the site lately you are missing out on some truly great ideas and discussions. We encourage you to take some time out of your day and participate on IdeaJam.

Here are a couple of things that you may want to check out:

  • What's Hot - You can now see which ideas on IdeaJam are "hot" as well as which ideas were hot yesterday, during the last week as well as the last month. Check out What's Hot.
  • RSS - You can easily add IdeaJam RSS feeds to your favorite RSS reader by clicking on the A picture named M2.
  • User Profile - Please take a few seconds to fill out your IdeaJam User Profile.
  • Blog Widget - Show your love for IdeaJam by adding our blog widget to your blog. Learn more here.
  • Statistics - Check out the latest IdeaJam statistics here.
  • IdeaJam Blog - Find out what the developers of IdeaJam are cooking up for the next version of IdeaJam on the IdeaJam Blog.

IdeaJam team will be presenting at the Irish Lotus User Group 2008 in Dublin,
Ireland on June 4-6, 2008. Learn more about ILUG
2008 here

Thank you all for the community support you have given IdeaJam. See
you on IdeaJam.

Warm regards,

The IdeaJam Team

Elguji Software


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